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My speeds are slow
Written by Charlie Brazier
Updated over a week ago

Please be aware that the ParkConnect free service offers different internet speeds to the Connect+, with a maximum speed limit of 2mb/s. This speed is shared across all connected devices. For example, if three devices are connected, each device will receive 0.66mb/s, and the total speed will be 2mb/s.

The paid service allows you to register up to 10 devices, and the bandwidth of 20mb/s will be shared across all connected devices.

It is possible that slow internet connection could be caused by weak signal strength. This can result in poor internet speed for each device connected to the network. If the signal is weak or unstable, it can affect the device's ability to achieve optimal speed. Older devices tend to use outdated wireless technology which can affect the performance of all devices connected to the Wi-Fi network. They may also only operate on a 2.4ghz band while newer ones can operate on a 5ghz band. It is important to ensure that the network settings of your devices are correct.

To test your internet speed, visit Before running the test, close any programs or applications that are running in the background as this may interfere with the test results.

If your signal strength shows only 1 bar or it fluctuates between 1 and 2 bars, it is likely that there is no router installed in your holiday home or it may be switched off. To resolve the issue, please check the boiler/broom cupboard and look for the router. When you turn on the router, there won't be any lights switched on. To confirm whether the router is working properly, turn it off and back on again. You should see lights turning on as the router powers up. Once the router lights turn off, it's ready to be used. If the signal continues to fluctuate, try switching the router off for 5 minutes and then turn it back on again. This should help stabilise your signal.

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