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I cannot see the PDR Customer Network in my Wi-Fi settings
I cannot see the PDR Customer Network in my Wi-Fi settings
Written by Sofia Gunnarsson
Updated over a week ago

Please check that your accommodation or holiday home has Wi-Fi installed. You will not see the PDR Customer Wi-Fi network if the Wi-Fi has not been installed.

The quickest way to check is to look around the outside of the accommodation unit for a Wi-Fi Antenna (see image below).

If there is a Wi-Fi Antenna installed and your device’s Wi-Fi settings cannot see the PDR Customer Network then the Wi-Fi Access Point (a.k.a router) inside the van may be switched off.

If you find '' in your Wi-Fi settings, please turn off the router from the mains for at least 15 minutes before turning it back on. Wait until there are no lights on the router before checking your Wi-Fi list. If you can see 'Parkdean Customer' on the list, try to connect to network. However, if '' still appears on the list, you will need to contact us to report the issue.

The Wi-Fi Access Point (a.k.a router) is typically installed in the boiler / broom cupboard or a bedroom cupboard (see below). Sometimes they are installed in the open living room/ lounge area.

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