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Changing from a Standard free plan (Park Connect) to a paid Premium plan (Park Connect+)
Changing from a Standard free plan (Park Connect) to a paid Premium plan (Park Connect+)
Written by Sofia Gunnarsson
Updated over a week ago

To change from Standard free plan on the Park Connect service to a paid Premium Plan on the Park Connect + service you must cancel the Standard free Park Connect plan first. Once cancelled you will see the landing page for all Wi-Fi plans and will be able to select a Premium Plan Park Connect+ plan.

1. Log into your Wi-Fi account.

Before you start, make sure you are connected to the Wi-Fi network called PDR Customer. To Access your Wi-Fi account, open a web browser (e.g. Google Chrome) and type the following web address:

Click Log In and then enter the email address and password for your Wi-Fi account.

2. On the Dashboard view, go to Manage Your Plan and click View.

3. Under Subscriptions select Cancel My Plan.

Complete the two Survey Questions.

4. On the 'No Active Subscriptions found ...' page, click Go to Plans.

5. Scroll to view the available Wi-Fi plans and select the required Premium Park Connect+ Wi-Fi plan. Click the Buy now.

6. Enter the following text to create your account.

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email Address

  • Mobile Phone Number

  • Password

N.B. for you password a minimum of 6 characters is required. No special characters are required.

Tick the age verification box to confirm that you are aged 18 aged years or older and click Create Account.

7. The Confirm Plan page will appear.

Confirm if you would like to receive information about Parkdean Resorts' holiday offers, products and services. This is optional.

Check and accept Wifinity's Privacy Policy.

Click Continue if you have selected a Standard Park Connect Plan.

Click Credit/ Debit card if you have selected a premium Park Connect+ plan.

8. Enter Credit/ Debit card details and make payment.

N.B. This step only applies to Wi-Fi plans on the Premium Park Connect+ service.

9. You will see the Success message.

Click Go Online to activate your account and internet access.

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